Do you need a hug? Sorry about all the shit you had to go through at the con. That one dude sounds like a total jerk. I'm sure the next con you go to will go a lot better tho! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

personally i feel like chocolate milk and cupcakes would solve all my problems right now but tbh a hug sounds just as great

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what the fuck is your problem? just because someone bothered u at a anime convention doesnt mean its ok to wish that they die!!!!

okay but here’s the thing

1) if you knew this guy, you would understand why i hate him so much

2) i didn’t wish death upon him, i wished an unfortunate mishap with speeding bus upon him. there’s a difference.

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god i just really need to fucking vent this feel free to ignore

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I’m so bad at Smash 4 but I have to fight at Wendy O. Koopa always

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im still seething about shit that happened at tge con this past weekend and its nit helping ne get rid of all the depressinn and anxios feelings i still feel from eatlier tonight

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why cn at i be nromal 

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honestly it feels like people only say “i hope you feel better” to me so they won’t have to listen to me bitch for as long

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also that one scene from Spaceballs except it’s Cia playing with figures of Link and herself as Volga walks in on her

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