thin arms

thigh gap

hip bones

thin waist


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there’s a reference to titanic in tales of symphonia i fucking can’t

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i’m really shaky and i’m not sure if it’s from forgetting to take my medicine, hunger, or the fear that i woke up my father when i went to get something to eat…

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Calling the male protagonist “Revyn” is like changing one letter in a url to an x in order to have a ‘canon url’ for an rp blog — It’s uncreative, lazy, and looks and sounds about as stupid as it is annoying.

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Writer Gen Urobuchi stated in the planning stages of Rebellion his idea was to end the film with Homura being taken away with Madoka to the Heavens. “I thought the story would end this time for real!” he laughs. However, the producer and director insisted the story should continue, leaving Urobuchi with little choice. “I really feel that Madoka doesn’t just belong to me anymore” Urobuchi says. It was the director who suggested the upcoming twist.
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welcome to the gun show [i flex, guns pour out of my sleeves, the room fills with guns oh god oh god what have i done]



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team aqua is still better than team magma

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